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"Today Is Yours"

by Coletta Davidson for Wally Amos

"Today is the full bloom of life; the petals of yesterday have shriveled in the past; tomorrow is an unopened bud that may be blackened by the frost or beautified by the sun of life.

"The future is but a seed, not yet planted, of unknown quality; but today - today is a gorgeous blossom of beauty and fragrance.

"Today is a new page in the book of life. Upon it and upon it alone, you can write a record of your accomplishments; but once turned, it is gone forever.

"Yesterday is a page turned; you cannot add one line to it or erase one word from it. It is closed forever and can affect the new page only insofar as it has affected your heart and courage.

"Your mistakes and fears of yesterday need not be carried forward in the ledger of life. The past holds no mortgage on tomorrow.

"Today is yours, an immeasurable treasure, house of golden opportunities, a sea of unfathomed possibilities, a forest of building prospects. Today is the clear note and the beautiful blossom in your song of time.

"There are hours in each day for work, for play, for meditation, for friends, loved ones, and rest. No one knows the limits of accomplishments. Today is yours. Use it for the full bloom of life."

Please choose to have a very positive TODAY, every day.


Chris & Dan,

Positive Co-Publishers

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