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#3 T. J. Reynolds

Question - You went up against your former team, you played with the San Antonio Rampage during the 2004-2005 season. What's going through your mind?

Reynolds - I like coming back to teams I played for. San Antonio was pretty much my first year making it in the American Hockey League. Definitely thought I had a good year. Good fans, I enjoyed it a lot. So it's always nice to come back and play in your old stomping grounds.

Question - You certainly made an impact with the Rampage. You were the fan favorite that year. The Rookie of the Year as well that year with San Antonio. Do you feel obligated to show the Rampage fans what they're missing?

Reynolds - Well not really. I think they kind of know. I don't think it was up to them for me to leave or anything like that. Obviously different contracts and stuff put you in different places. But it's always nice to come back. And if something happens, it happens, and I'm sure the fans would be excited to see that if it does. But they know what I'm all about because I think that year I was in quite a few fights in not too many games.

Question - What part of the game do you take the most pride in? Being a stay at home defensemen or do you like to provide that toughness?

Reynolds - Well I like to be well rounded. I like to know that I can go out there and play a lot of minutes in the game and penalty kill and do all that kind of stuff. But when it comes down to it I stick up for my teammates, take care of my own zone. So I think the days of going out there and just playing a few shifts and fighting are kind of over. So I think it's nice to be used on the penalty kill and be a steady defensemen.

Question - You're one of 4 Falcons that are undrafted on this club. You must take a lot of pride in battling and being able to earn a spot on this team and get great minutes.

Reynolds - Yeah, that's how it goes. If you're not drafted it's kind of an uphill battle every year. It's like I'm always fighting to just stay alive and get to that next level and get new contracts every year. I think it just adds a little fuel to the fire knowing that I can play here and I don't have a contract with an NHL team. But I think that I fit in and I do well when I play so I think it's kind of motivating every year to go out and play hard.

Question - What do you enjoy away from the rink?

Reynolds - I like going home to the Toronto area- it's actually Kitchener Ontario. And see my folks and girlfriend and all that kind of stuff. I enjoy spending time with family and friends.