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#4 Brian Young

Springfield Falcons defenseman Bryan Young is back with the Falcons after appearing in two games with the NHL's Edmonton Oilers this year. Young is in his second full season of pro hockey.

Question You made your NHL debut this season with the Edmonton Oilers, what was that experience like?

Bryan Young It was a good learning experience, it's always nice to be around NHL players and pick their brain on a daily basis. Overall it was very good for me and my development and I will use the knowledge to get better.

Question How would you compare your experience last season to this year after playing in 15 games with the Oilers a year ago?

Bryan Young It's a little different, last year Edmonton had a lot of injuries and I was making my debut. I believe at some point last year we only had five healthy defensemen dressed, so the young guys had to play a lot of minutes. This year, Edmonton is pretty healthy and I was able to pick my spots.

Question What was it like going up against one of your former teams, the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins back on November 10?

Bryan Young The AHL works like that, players change teams from year-to-year, so you adjust as a player. It was really like any other game, there were some familiar faces, but you get that with a lot of teams, so overall it was just another game.

Question What was it like playing for four teams last year and playing in the ECHL, AHL and NHL?

Bryan Young It was definitely an adjustment because I played my entire junior hockey career all in one city. To move around to four different teams last year was something I wasn't used to, but at the same time I learned something on each stop so it was a good learning experience for myself.

Question You were a junior teammate of current teammate Liam Reddox, what's it like having someone on the Falcons that you played junior hockey with?

Bryan Young We seem to meet up wherever our careers take us, but it's ok, Liam is a great guy. It's always nice to know guys on a new team and having the chance to play with Liam in junior has helped in Springfield.

Question What was it like being drafted by the Edmonton Oilers?

Bryan Young It was an exciting time because as I was entering junior hockey, I wasn't really being considered to be drafted at all. I am not the most skilled guy on the ice, so I was just thrilled to be drafted by an NHL team.

Question How do you handle the grind of playing pro hockey with an 80-game schedule?

Bryan Young You just have to take care of yourself, make sure you get plenty of rest and make sure you stay hydrated. It's a long year, so you have to just take care of yourself on and off the ice.