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#5 Rick Berry

Question - Former Bridgeport Sound Tiger, played in Bridgeport last year. What's it like coming back for the first time at Harbor Yard.

Rick Berry - Well I think it's just another game. I don't put too much emphasis on it. We're just here to get the 2 points and that's about it.

Question - You're such a calm tenured veteran.

Rick Berry - Well after a while it's the same players basically just scattered out around the league. You've got some young guys here and there but it's an everyday game.

Question - Falcons at the halfway pool. 4 games above .500. It's time for a report card. What grade would you give to this team at this stage of the season?

Rick Berry - Well that's a tough question just because the way guys have been up and down. For the most part we've had lots of fight out there, and we've really shown up most of the games so you'd have to give us a fairly good grade. But at the same time you never want to get complacent. You've always got to strive to get better and better.

Question - Any letter that you'd like to throw out there?

Rick Berry - Nah, not really. There's too much stuff that goes on to really put a letter on things. We'll look at our place in the standings and yeah it's the halfway mark but we have a lot of hockey to play and a lot of things can change.

Question - Right now in the playoff picture, and that's where you want to be as far as the first goal at the end of the year.

Rick Berry - Yeah, you look at the standings and the way it is. It's pretty clustered from 2nd all the way down to the 5th or 6th there but it can really spread out in a couple games. It can swing one way or the other and we hope to be a part of that upward swing.