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Coaches Corner #9

with Springfield Falcon's Asst. Coach Phil Russell

Hello to you once again. The Falcons won 3 in a row, lost 5 in a row, and won 2 in a row. The team is seeking an identity-seeking a solid sixty minutes of play. So powerful for a period of time against one team and self destructing against the next. These are the things that teams have to face. We preach check your ego at the door and give yourself to the team. Trust your teammates, and the system, and you will work your way through these ups and downs.

Above all, stay positive, work hard and good things happen. Fearing the unknown wastes our time. How much better to trust that life and "the game" will offer us exactly what we need to develop as healthy human beings. No event will be more than we can handle.

Games coming up in early December @ Providence, @ Manchester and home against

Albany on Sunday the 4th. The team post-game autograph session is on the 4th. They are excited to show off their team poster in front of the Falcons'A-10.

I was asked to write a little more about my background or teams and championships and my answer is, Google me. It will be more exciting. This isn't about me it's about the team.

Another one was "What would you be doing if you weren't coaching?" I don't want to go down that alley without some backup. Seriously, the process of life or living includes many dimensions. Anxiety over what may transpire is a given. Working to develop a balanced perception of all the events of our lives will ease our way. It's the overreactions to the ups and downs that make all of our daily steps uncertain. I know its heavy stuff, but bear me with holidays always bring time of reflection and appreciation for where we are. Have a Grand Day.