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Coach's Corner #17

with Springfield Falcon's Asst. Coach Phil Russell

The Springfield Falcons, proud members of the American Hockey League, won two out of three games last weekend. The team looks forward to some difficult competition with games at Hartford and Portland and then hosting Providence and Portland. Games that can be won with a good effort, execution and the desire to relish the competition itself.

Let me extend congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks as they have overcome all obstacles to reach the final game in Motown on Sunday, February 5th. The Super Bowl will be strange to watch without the Patriots in it.

Quote of the week: "All our resolves and decisions are made in a mood or frame of mind which is certain to change." -Marcel Proust

When we are in the here and now we are constant collectors of new information. Consciously and subconsciously we sift through it and file it away, however, not to be forgotten. Our opinions, attitudes, and responses to life are influenced and expanded by those moments in which we absorbed new information. Moments that in turn enhance our credibility as flexible, thoughtful decision makers. It is the easy way out to keep our minds closed and our attitudes and behavior rigid. Venturing into uncharted territories need never be risked. Each day becomes predictable and dull-in time, not worth living. Life's joys lie in adventure. We're promised adventure every moment of the day if we open our eyes to it.

"We can change our minds today with pride, if new information calls for it." Most of us would agree, I think, that to change one's mind on something is difficult. The question is: "Why is it so difficult to say "I am changing my mind?"

The Springfield Falcons have been through some ups and downs this year, there is no doubt about that, but I feel this should be looked upon as an adventure. The thrill of the hope to win is the juice that will help these young players taking the steps necessary to be the best that they can be. Good luck to all as we move forward on our adventure.