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Falcons Recharged

One might say that the Falcons are happy that the month of January is behind them. After a brief three day hiatus at the All-Star break, the young Falcons will hopefully have recharged their engines and anxious to turn their misfortunes around in the last thirty two games.

The pesky Birds are competing hard but playing just well enough to lose. Goal scoring has been a monumental challenge for the better part of the year and those woes continued. Springfield plays a very good game against Atlantic division leader Manchester but has a seven minute "meltdown" in the second period, which proves to be the difference in the game. Ramo is solid in goal and gives his team a chance and the Corso-Milley-Healey line carries us again offensively.

Friday's game at home versus Lowell saw a very good game go sour in a span of three minutes in the third period. The Falcons offense gets hot in the 2nd and finds a way to take a 3-0 lead late in the period. An untimely penalty and a poor clear of the puck gives Lowell an easy goal to get them back within two with twenty minutes to go. Unfortunately, the Devils get excited with this goal and come out in the third and take complete charge of the game. This was a disappointing loss as the game was well in hand until we got careless and opened up the flood gates for Lowell. The Corso line again carries us.

One final game against Philadelphia before the All-Star break....Boutin plays goal and does his part to give his team a chance. The Falcons fall behind 2-0 after two, but have numerous good scoring chances that they cannot capitalize on. Philadelphia's goalie plays extremely well as he thwarts every good scoring chance that we generate. When this happens you must tip your hat to him. The Falcons play hard to the end and have a couple more chances with the goalie out and an extra skater on the ice, but cannot score the equalizer and lose 2-1.

So close yet so far away.

Until next week, Coach Stirling