Momentum Pilates studios change names

Momentum the Pilates and Fitness Studio in Hadley and Longmeadow is changing its name to The Pilates Center of Western Massachusetts. Two years ago Momentum, which opened in Fall of 2000, was bought by Janet Burke Allen, a resident of Longmeadow. The name "Momentum" is commonly connected with the studio's original owners. "People think we closed when they heard the business was for sale," says Katrina Hawley, a pilates instructor at Momentum since 2000.

"When I bought Momentum, I didn't want to make any drastic changes. Everything was running smoothly and I didn't want our clients to worry that they were closing the pilates studio that they loved," says Burke Allen. Changing ownership of a business like this is worrisome for the clients. They wonder if the prices will go up, if their instructors will continue teaching, and whether or not the very personal attention they receive will suddenly disappear. Burke Allen concedes, "The Pilates Center is here to stay!"

The Pilates Center of Western Massachusetts provides quality instruction on the pilates apparatus and during pilates mat classes. With varied backgrounds, each instructor brings a knowledge of movement that creates a safe and effective workout for the most injured as well as an extremely challenging workout for the elite athlete. The instructors are committed to fostering a creative environment in which an individualized workout is developed to satisfy client goals. At the Pilates Center, pilates is more than just exercise, it is a learning experience.