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Finding the right doctor

Now finding the right doctor is a mouse click away

(ARA) Last time you needed to find a healthcare provider, how did you do it? Did you head to the Yellow Pages and call around until you found the earliest appointment? Maybe you thumbed through the booklet from your insurance company for an office close to home or work. Or perhaps you checked with friends or family to see if they could recommend someone.

But choosing a doctor from the pages of a directory doesn't give you much information about the provider beyond their name, phone number and location. And you might be reluctant to ask people you know for a recommendation if you're dealing with a condition you don't want to talk about.

Why not go directly to the doctors and ask them? puts consumers in touch with doctors in their community. The unique site lets you post information about your condition, as well as other pertinent information; doctors can then respond to you with detailed information about their costs and services.

" provides consumers with a clear cut answer to many of their questions before they even see the doctor," says Allison Scott, president and founder of the Web site. "They know how much the visit will cost, what to expect during the visit and they can even get a feel for the doctor's personality."

Whether you're looking for a general practitioner, podiatrist, gynecologist or other medical professional, the site is a convenient, hassle-free way for patients to find healthcare providers. "Alijor is a great service for patients," say Elizabeth Moore, who has used the site. "It allowed me to see the various price and service options available to me for my healthcare needs."

It takes less than 10 minutes to register, and the process is completely confidential. You choose a username and provide your ZIP code, but no other personal information is required. You can indicate whether you will be paying cash or billing through insurance, state how far you're willing to travel and choose the best days and times for appointments. Then simply describe your condition or the service you are looking for. Your request will be posted for 14 days and doctors in your area can reply directly to you. "Alijor allows patients to make a more educated choice on where and how they receive their medical care," says Dr. Grant Tarbox, vice president of Clinical Operations/CMO, Solantic LLC.

While requests that healthcare providers create a profile based on their background and experience, the site does not do an independent review. Patients still need to perform their own due diligence on the provider they choose, just as you would when choosing a doctor using more traditional methods.

However, members have access to feedback from others who have used healthcare providers they found at "Members can hear about previous patients' experiences with a provider, as well as share information about similar symptoms or needs," says Scott.

To create your personal profile and find a healthcare provider, visit

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