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Business expands despite economy

Date: 12/19/2011

Dec. 19, 2011

By G. Michael Dobbs

Managing Editor

SPRINGFIELD — Although many companies are still in recovery from the worst economic times since the Great Depression, Dave Proulx’s business requires a significant investment.

Proulx is the owner of Dave’s Truck Repair at 1023 Page Bvld. and he explained to Reminder Publications the demand for his company’s services has outstripped their current facility. That’s why Proulx is investing $350,000 in a 5,500 square foot addition to his garage — a 40 percent increase of his present space.

When the addition is complete in the spring, Proulx will also be adding five new employees. Currently, Proulx has a staff of 19 employees.

“I thought the guys would appreciate a building when it’s zero degrees out,” Proulx said with a smile.

Proulx explained that demand for his company’s services — it is one of the few local repair shops that offer 24 hour year-round emergency services — has meant too often his technicians have repaired trucks in the parking lot.

A quick tour of the facility given by Ron Proulx, Dave’s cousin and business director, showed the tight quarters. Almost all of the space in the existing garage was being used to repair various vehicles.

Dave started his business almost 25 years ago at his home. As it grew he had a shop in Agawam followed by a larger one in Chicopee. In 1998, he moved to his present location on Page Boulevard. Besides trucks, he services all kinds of vehicles.

Ron explained the company prioritizes its repairs. If a truck breaks down during a run, it will get immediate service so the driver can get back on the road to complete the job. The company has four roadside service trucks.

The business is a member of the Chicopee Chamber of Commerce and Ron is the chair-elect of the board of directors for that organization. He said he believes in Chamber of Commerce membership and found the Chicopee Chamber the best match for the company.

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