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Mayoral Problems

Editor's note: Do to a spelling error in last week's edition, this letter is being reprinted in its entirety.

The Ex-Mayor strikes out with this voter. His explanations generated enough hot air to inflate a lead balloon. The facts are these. Under his administration this City was put on the brink of insolvency. The State had to step in and loan the City money and mandated a Control Board to take over daily operations. They and Mayor Ryan did an excellent job in keeping our city out of bankruptcy. Springfield's bond rating was in junk status.

The Albano legacy to our city is very clear and well documented. It will go down in history just the way it occurred. No matter how hard he tries to whitewash it, the truth will win out. The FBI and the Department of Justice had to step in. Will we ever forget the number of people and many of them in high city jobs who were convicted and sent to jail for their crimes. It was not for being caught with their hands in the cookie jar as Mike would lead us to believe.

The Ex Mayor took great pride in the fact that he knew everything of consequence that was going on in the city. Remember the logo "Mayor" Well who was conned? Contracts with city employees were in a desperate situation, pending layoffs imminent, causing further turmoil for our city. Many real estate taxes went uncollected for years causing the city to go deeper in debt. The City Hall operations were antiquated and required a major overhaul at no small cost to bring it up to current business standards. Mike, you also created a combat zone that brought down the city's reputation from the "City of Homes" to one of crime and violence, causing more dangerous work for the police department, and fear and worry for those who live in the area.

You can't change the facts. Next he will be telling us that he can walk on water and all the terrible things that happened to our city were figments of our imagination and we don't have to pay back our debt to the State. Nor should we forget that if it were not for a group of dedicated concerned citizens and the court, Albano would have brought a sports complex to the North End a great big "White Elephant" which would financially have broken this city's back. Yet his actions speak volumes to me and to the ages. It will be a textbook example of how not to run a city. Even the current trash fee can be laid at his door. If the city was in good financial health when he left office, there would be no need for it.

He claims that he was being investigated because he is Italian. Many wonder if the probe had more to do with the crimes that some of his friends and associates committed while he has mayor.

Because I am 100 percent Italian descent let me say I don't buy this fallacious argument. I deplore his administration and the many problems that it created for our city. It is not a true reflection of our Italian heritage but an aberration by some individuals. However, I do want to thank Mr. Albano for two things: 1) He has chosen to no longer be in public office; 2) His residence is no longer in Springfield.

So keep on dreaming Mike for us your administration turned out to be a nightmare.

Richard A. Acchione