Please join us to help maintain the Norcross House

Many of you who reside in East Longmeadow, or frequently travel our roads, may have noticed the wonderful improvements over the past two years to the historic landmark known as the Norcross House. This 19th century home located in the center of town has been restored to a magnificent landmark that once housed the Norcross and Feiffer families in days long past.

Preserving East Longmeadow's small town integrity has, and continues to be of utmost concern to any number of residents as is evident by the ongoing efforts to defeat the location of Lowe's proposed move to our town. Supporting one of East Longmeadow's remaining historical buildings is yet another means of continuing to work toward preserving our beautiful community.

Please join the Friends of Norcross House at 7 p.m. on June 16 for our Kaleidoscope Art Show premiere party which promises to be an exciting affair thanks in part to donations by Doug Brega, Art Moses and Steve Forbush, whose works will be raffled off in our continuing efforts to raise much needed funds to maintain the Norcross House.

Tickets for the June 16 premiere party will be $25 per person. The Kaleidoscope Art Show will continue June 17 from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., with general admission tickets available at $5 per person. Too busy to attend? Our benefit raffle tickets are available three for $25.

For further information, raffle tickets and tickets to the art show, contact Mary Swords at 525-1083 or Merle Safford at 566-9983.

Donna Diamond Nardi

East Longmeadow