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From Adversity Many Find Strength

Date: 11/28/2005

Part 4 of 4

Call him dull and hopeless and flunk him in the sixth grade, and you have a Winston Churchill.

Punish her with poverty and prejudice, and she may survive to become another Golda Meir.

Pit her against sexual discrimination, and you have

a Madame Curie.

Tell a young boy who loved to sketch and draw that he has no talent, and you have Walt Disney.

Take a crippled child whose only home he

ever knew was an orphanage, and you have a

James E. West, who became the first chief executive of the Boy Scouts of America.

Rate him as "mediocre" in chemistry, and you have

a Louis Pasteur.

Deny a child the ability to see, hear and speak,

and you have a Helen Keller.

Make him a second fiddle in an obscure South American orchestra, and you have a Toscanini.


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