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The 13 Characteristics of Successful People

Date: 7/17/2006

by Jeffrey J. Mayer (Part 1 of 3)

Remember: Success begins with a state of mind. You must believe you'll

be successful in order to become a success.

The following is a list of the skills, talents and characteristics

you'll find in successful people:

1. Successful People Have a Dream. They have a well-defined purpose. They have a definite goal. They know what they want.

They aren't easily influenced by the thoughts and opinions of others.

They have willpower. They have ideas. Their strong desire brings strong results. They go out and do things that others say can't be done.

Remember: It takes one sound idea to achieve success.

Remember: People who excel in life are those who produce results, not excuses.

Anybody can come up with excuses and explanations for why he hasn't made it.

Those who want to succeed badly enough don't make excuses.

2. Successful People Have Ambition. They want to accomplish something. They have enthusiasm, commitment and pride. They have self-discipline. They're willing to work hard and to go the extra mile.

They have a burning desire to succeed. They're willing to do whatever

it takes to get the job done.

Remember: With hard work comes results. The joy in life comes with working for and achieving something.

3. Successful People Are Strongly Motivated Toward Achievement. They take great satisfaction in accomplishing a task.

4. Successful People Are Focused. They concentrate on their main goals and objectives. They don't get sidetracked. They don't procrastinate. They work on the projects that are important and don't allow those projects to sit until the last minute. They're productive, not just busy.


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