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Tyler Spurgeon

Falcons debut on October 20 at Albany after starting the year with the Edmonton Oilers. Spurgeon collected two assists in his Springfield debut and the Edmonton, Alberta native was drafted by the Oilers in 2004.

Question How has the start of the season treated you thus far?

Spurgeon It's been good, trying to get into the flow of things, I missed some time at the start of the season with an injury, you feel a step behind when you get back, but I am just trying to keep things simple out on the ice.

Question You were injured in Edmonton Oilers training camp, what happened on the play?

Spurgeon I just got caught in a bad spot and had a separation of my shoulder, which kept me out longer than I would have wanted. It's always tough missing camp and the start of the year, but I am back now and I am happy to help the Falcons.

Question Falcons assistant coach Jeff Truitt was your coach in Kelowna of the Western Hockey League, what's it like having Jeff with you in Springfield?

Spurgeon I am very lucky to have Jeff both in Springfield and when I was in Kelowna. It's nice to have a familiar face with me in Springfield, someone you know and can communicate well with. We have a trust factor that is nice to have when joining a new team.

Question What memories do you take away from your time in Kelowna?

Spurgeon It was a great time, we won league championships, Memorial Cup championships, it was great. I had the opportunity to play with some great players and made some great friends.

Question Your teammate with the Falcons, Troy Bodie, played with you in Kelowna, you guys seem to be very close friends?

Spurgeon Yeah, he is a great guy and we joke about the fact that we have played together for several years now. It's very nice to join the pro ranks and be able to play with guys you enjoy being around and playing with and Troy is that type of guy.

Question What is your reaction to the team you guys have in Springfield this year?

Spurgeon It's a great group of guys, we are exciting to watch. You have to find your niche as a team and that takes some time, but overall, guys enjoy competing with each other and it has shown thus far.

Question Being an Edmonton native, what was it like being drafted by the Oilers?

Spurgeon It's a dream come true, it's the team I always rooted for as a kid, so it's a huge honor. It's a very special honor to wear that jersey.