Fitness Together opens in East Longmeadow

Date: 2/20/2014

EAST LONGMEADOW – Fitness Together has relocated to East Longmeadow. Formerly of 66 Dwight Road in Longmeadow, Fitness Together recently opened a brand new, custom-built personal and small group-training studio across from the town green at 41 Maple St.

Fitness Together is a fee-for-service studio where all training is conducted by appointment. Unlike a large, busy gym, Fitness together has a very personalized approach, where training can be done privately (one-to-one) or in small groups (called a PACK).

Both methods encourage a personal relationship between client and trainer, believed to be the most effective way to meet fitness goals and stay committed to the challenge.

“We are excited to join the East Longmeadow community,” Nathan Cote, owner, said. “Sometimes it’s hard to see through the gimmicks and fitness fads, but our difference is the committed client-trainer relationship we build. That’s the key to success.”

The new facility features two one-on-one training rooms and one larger multi-purpose room. This larger space also accommodates small-group exercise programs, a new offering at Fitness Together. Boot Camp and Cardio Kickboxing group classes will also be offered in this new space, but each class will maintain a personal feel.

“We want to be sure each client is getting the attention they need in our new group classes. We aim to limit each session to 15 participants,” Cote said.

Find out more about Fitness Together and how to start working with a trainer, visit or