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Mothers (Part 1 of 3)4/28/2008
The Station 4/21/2008
Prayer of the Administrative Professional4/14/2008
Stay Awake!4/7/2008
"Today Is Yours"3/31/2008
He's Got Our Back...3/24/2008
My Godfather, Uncle, Friend3/17/2008
It Helps Me To Remember3/10/2008
It Helps Me To Remember3/3/2008
Parable For Advertising2/18/2008
Listen To Your Heart2/11/2008
Don't be afraid to stick your tongue out.2/4/2008
The Time is Now1/28/2008
Quotes to live by...1/21/2008
Have A Nice Day... Unless You Have Other Plans1/14/2008
Our Season's Greetings1/2/2008
Eight Gifts that Cost Nothing12/26/2007
The Parental Stress Line Offers 7 Tips for the Holiday Season12/17/2007
What Shall We Give The Children?12/10/2007
What Shall We Give The Children?12/10/2007
Reason, Season. or Lifetime12/3/2007
"Pennies from Heaven"11/26/2007
Time to Give Thanks11/19/2007
Stay Awake11/12/2007
The Buddy Poppy11/5/2007
Stay Focused and Succeed10/29/2007
Talk Is Cheap10/22/2007
On Geese and Friends10/9/2007
Think and Be Positive10/1/2007
Remember to hang on9/18/2007
Good Thinking9/10/2007
Stranger in Our Home9/4/2007
Educators Are Heroes!!8/27/2007
Smile - You Deserve It (Part 3 of 3)8/20/2007
Smile - It's Good For You (Part 2 of 3)8/6/2007
The Window7/23/2007
Why Be A Volunteer?7/16/2007
George Carlin's Views on Aging7/9/2007
Enjoy Life's Detours!6/26/2007
A Father's Instructions For Life6/18/2007
Happy Father's Day (Minute)6/11/2007
Believe While Others... 6/5/2007
Happiness 5/29/2007
Things You Learn from Mom (Part 2 of 2)5/21/2007
Things You Learn from Mom (Part 1 of 2)5/14/2007
How Champions Conduct Themselves5/7/2007
How Champions Conduct Themselves5/1/2007
Whether You Think You Can Or You Can't... You're Probably Right.4/16/2007
Words of Wisdom4/9/2007
Lessons You Learned4/2/2007
Laugh Your Stress Away3/26/2007
The Spring3/19/2007
Irish Words of Encouragement3/14/2007
Just Breathe3/5/2007
Life is the Coffee2/26/2007
A Smile2/19/2007
The Time is Now2/12/2007
The Quality of the Day1/22/2007
Hug A Cold. Kiss A Fever.1/15/2007
Planning for Work, Planning for Home, Planning for Life1/8/2007
Our Season's Greetings1/2/2007
What Shall We Give The Children?12/18/2006
The Parental Stress Line Offers 7 Tips for the Holiday Season12/11/2006
"Pennies from Heaven"11/28/2006
Time to Give Thanks11/20/2006
It Helps Me To Remember 11/13/2006
Pet Rules10/17/2006
If I Should Fall Behind10/10/2006
In Control10/2/2006
On Geese And Friends9/27/2006
What I've Learned9/19/2006
To Kill an American9/11/2006
Drive Carefully... School Is Open9/5/2006
What I've Learned (Part 4 of 4)8/28/2006
What I've Learned (Part 3 of 4)8/21/2006
What I've Learned (Part 2 of 4)8/14/2006
What I Learned (Part 1 of 4)8/7/2006
The 13 Characteristics of Successful People (Part 3 of 3)7/31/2006
The 13 Characteristics of Successful People7/28/2006
The 13 Characteristics of Successful People7/17/2006
Fourth of July And Summer Safety for Pets7/3/2006
Weird Things You Would Never Know!!6/26/2006
Weird Things You Would Never Know!! 6/19/2006
Lessons Learned From a Father6/12/2006
Ever Wonder????5/22/2006
If You Don't, Somebody Will5/15/2006
When God Made Moms5/8/2006
Starting Today5/1/2006
The Spring4/17/2006
The Spring4/17/2006
The Happiest People4/3/2006
Coping with Stress3/20/2006
When You Thought I Wasn't Looking3/13/2006
When You Thought I Wasn't Looking3/6/2006
When You Thought I Wasn't Looking 2/27/2006
YOU Are Valuable2/20/2006
Listen To Your Heart2/13/2006
Today (Part 2 of 2)2/6/2006
Today (Part 1 of 2)1/30/2006
The Parable Of The Spoons1/23/2006
What Cancer Cannot Do1/16/2006
Resolution for the New Year1/9/2006
Eight Gifts that Cost Nothing12/23/2005
The Parental Stress Line Offers 7 Tips for the Holiday Season12/19/2005
The Substance of Change12/5/2005
From Adversity Many Find Strength11/28/2005
Profile in Courage11/21/2005
From Adversity Many Find Strength - Part 3 of 411/14/2005
From Adversity Many Find Strength11/7/2005
From Adversity Many Find Strength10/31/2005
You Know You Are Getting Older When...10/21/2005
You Know You Are Getting Older When... 10/17/2005
You Know You're Getting Older When...10/11/2005
35 Ways to Praise Students10/3/2005
On Geese And Friends9/26/2005
Stay Positive9/16/2005
Talk Is Cheap9/12/2005
Drive Carefully... School Is Open9/6/2005
Golden Rules for Living8/29/2005
Stranger in Our Home8/22/2005
Be Kind...8/1/2005
Think and Be Positive7/25/2005
Make Summer Learning Fun-27/18/2005
Make Summer Learning Fun-17/10/2005
Make Summer Learning Fun6/26/2005
"Ten Top" Ideas About Kids, Families & Life6/19/2005
Lessons Learned From a Father6/13/2005
Learn to Trust6/3/2005
Measuring Up - Part 1 of 25/23/2005
Measuring up - Part 2 of 25/23/2005
Swallow Your Anger5/16/2005