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"Ten Top" Ideas About Kids, Families & Life

Date: 6/19/2005

Dr. Steve Sobel

1) The greatest "paradigm shift" in the world: Is when the priority is building human potential utilizing each of our individual gifts for kids, families and causes we believe in wholeheartedly. Please do not tell kids "whay they cannot do" - you may be very inaccurate.

2) When the dream is big enough, the odds do not matter.

3) Making a difference in one person's life has what Steve calls "expotential value" that is - it multiplies rapidly to other people and families whose life is touched by that one person. One candle can

light many flames.

4) No one climbs the mountain alone - you need to surround yourself with people who give you the "homecourt advantage" -

and be open to FEEDBACK.

5) We believe that no one is really disabled - just differently ABLE!

6) Perhaps the most difficult job in the world is being an involved parent. It may also be the most important job in the world.

7) Children and youth need your PRESENCE more than your presents! Children may not be 100% of our population, but they

are 100% of our future.

8) It is NEVER too late to start the journey together. The destination

is secondary to the journey.

9) Help others - what goes around does come around. The minute you give up on others, they often give up on themselves.

10) SHOOT FOR THE MOON! - if you do not get there you will

end up amongst the stars!


Chris & Dan

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