Jake's Hamburgers announces new brand name: Jake's Wayback Burgers

Date: 8/25/2010

SPRINGFIELD -- Jake's Hamburgers recently announced the introduction of its new brand name, Jake's Wayback Burgers. This is a major rebranding and identity change for the rapidly expanding restaurant chain that burger lovers have recognized for almost two decades.

"We want our customers to know that there is still a place where they can get a great tasting burger, made from fresh ground beef and cooked to order, the way burgers used to be made way back when," John Eucalitto, president of Jake's Franchising LLC, said.

"People have lowered their expectations for what a burger should taste like. This is partially the fault of fast food chains and their introductions of what they call 'premium burgers,'" he added.

"These new products are bigger and cost more, but they taste the same as the burgers these restaurants have been selling for years," he added. "That's just not right. We continue to make our burgers the way we always have, the way our customers prefer them."

Jake's Hamburgers was founded in Newark, Del., in 1991 and has grown to become a favorite in the Mid-Atlantic region. Following up on this local success, the company has launched an aggressive franchising program to expand nationally. The company now operates 20 locations, with 25 additional locations under development.

"We're following the success we've enjoyed from the beginning in Delaware and bringing Jake's Wayback Burgers to burger lovers across the country," Eucalitto said.

Customers will see new signs on their favorite locations featuring the distinctive red and gray Jake's Wayback Burgers logo, a throwback to roadside restaurant signs of the 1920s and '30s.

Moving forward, new restaurants will open under the new brand.

"Soon, customers will be able to enjoy a Jake's Wayback Burger no matter where they are," Eucalitto said.