MassMutual launches ‘Best School Ever’ social media campaign

Date: 9/4/2014

By G. Michael Dobbs

SPRINGFIELD – Looking to help out your school and yourself? MassMutual is seeking which school people believe is best through its new “Best School Ever” social media campaign.

Kathleen Mayko, director of Social Media for the company, explained to Reminder Publications MassMutual has focused in years past on issues surrounding financial information and student debt. She said that paying for educations is a “hot button issue.”

To help spur people considering educational options, MassMutual developed the current social media campaign, she explained. From now through Sept. 15, people are being asked to tweet “why their school rocks” in order to be entered to win $5,000 for the school and $5,000 for the student.

“We’re seeing a good response across the country,” Mayko said.

She added the hope would be the winning student would use the $5,000 toward his or her education.

Parents are also eligible to compose a 140-character tweet and send it to

The winning posting will be randomly selected.

Mayko said if the campaign is successful, the company might consider doing it again.