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BeFit coach lists some holiday tips for health

HADLEY Coach Holly Leonard, owner of and BeFit Health and Wellness Solutions in Hadley, knows the holidays can be a calorically challenging time of year. To avoid putting on extra weight this season, she advocates starting a fitness plan before the festivities begin.

Most people realize getting more physical activity and eating a nutritious diet of small, frequent and nutritious meals six days a week is critical to keeping weight off. However, to keep ones sanity, especially around the holidays, it's a good idea for people to give themselves one "cheat" or "guilt-free" day per week.

Leonard explains, "The 'guilt-free' day should be one day out of the week when you allow yourself to eat anything you really, really want. During the holidays it is a good idea to have your guilt-free day on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, for example. At the same time it's important to understanding the splurging must be limited to that one day. Behaving yourself at other holiday functions, such as office parties, will be made easier knowing your day is coming."

Leonard's other tips include:

Walking extra laps around the mall when shopping.

Taking a 10-minute walk after a large holiday meal to burn calories and improve digestion.

Limiting alcohol consumption due to the fact it often leads to making poor food choices.

Writing down fitness goals and sticking to them.

Having a clear picture in your mind of how great you're going to feel after the holidays having kept the weight off.

For more information about incorporating fitness into your holiday lifestyle, contact Leonard, owner of, at 387-6785.

Leonard is a Hadley based fitness expert and professional speaker. It is her personal mission to improve the health of people by exposing them to the lies of the weight-loss industry, while teaching them the correct way to integrate fitness into their busy lifestyles.

For more information contact BeFit Health and Wellness Solutions owner and president Leonard at 387-6875 or via the company's Web site at