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Iris ID program offered to Hampden County residents

The Hampden County Sheriff's Department Law Enforcement Division is offering its Iris Identification Program to organizations and agencies in Hampden County to assist in protecting children and adults, particularly elderly adults.

Iris Biometric Recognition Technology is a groundbreaking technology that scans the inner portion of the iris, a part of the eye which has unique features specific to an individual.

Along with Amber Alert, hair samples and finger printing, the Iris Identification Program will be part of a national registry which can be accessed within seconds.

The Iris Identification Program is provided free of cost as a community service by Sheriff Michael J. Ashe Jr. and the Hampden County Sheriff's Department Law Enforcement Division.

Organizations interested in hosting an Iris Identification Program scanning can contact Officer Jose Ramos at 547-8000 ext. 2145 for further information.