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Teens needed for depression study

SPRINGFIELD Adolescents who have been diagnosed with clinical depression may be eligible to participate in a clinical trial of an antidepressant medication treatment being held at Baystate Children's Hospital.

Designed to look at how well the medication works for teenagers with depression and whether or not the medication helps teenagers recover from depression, the clinical trial is being conducted by the hospital's Division of Child Behavioral Health under the direction of Dr. Bruce Waslick, a nationally recognized expert in adolescent depression.

Adolescence is often a challenging transition period between childhood and early adult life and major depression strikes about one in 12 adolescents. In any given six month period, about five percent of youths between the ages of nine and 17 are estimated to suffer from the disorder.

The trial is open to teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 with clinical depression and who are allowed to participate in the trial by their parents or legal guardians.

For more information, call the Division of Child Behavioral Health at Baystate Medical Center at 794-1136.