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Five helpful hints for using the Internet to search for summer camps

Date: 3/14/2011

Five key tips for searching for summer camp online:
  1. There are almost too many online camp directories, camp search Web sites, and camp search tools. None offers a comprehensive way to search all viable camp options given specific search criteria. For those looking to explore a full range of New England options, a great place to start. There's a lot to know about finding a camp. Access even more articles and resources at where it's possible to explore all sorts of advice for camp seekers, from the national experts on children's summer camps. Conduct a comprehensive online search for ACA accredited camps using the Find A Camp search tool.

  2. Camps often have to pay to be included in many directories and online camp search tools. This limits the number of camps included. Pay attention to who's sponsoring the online camp directory or camp search tool. How qualified are they to provide camp information? Information is only as good as its source.

  3. Online search tools are binary offering either/or choices. Make sure you know that results pages will only contain camps that offer all the search criteria you type in (results will be ruled out if they don't meet all criteria.) Sometimes you will need to search for one key search criteria at a time and then compare the search results.

  4. Follow your online search with conversations. Back up your search results with an actual conversation with the camp director or camp representative. You'll want to have a phone or in-person conversation with the professionals who run the camps and supervise the counselors at camps that are your search finalists.

  5. Spend the most time on camp Web sites. Click around. Look at the photography. Read the parent testimonials. Watch the videos. Examine everything from the philosophy to the daily schedule. Download the forms so you can enroll your child.

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