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"Forget Me Nots" Fundraiser

Date: 4/27/2009

On May 2 and 3, Lianne Azevedo of Wilbraham will be at Colorful Creations Bead Company in East Longmeadow selling her line of jewelry, "Forget Me Nots." Azevedo and her helpers create this jewelry out of donated beads and findings to benefit AIDS orphans in Cameroon, Africa.

She got to see first hand how these children live when she went there to help build an orphanage. Hundreds of children in a small area live out in the jungle because they have nowhere to live and no one to care for them. The money from the sales of her jewelry sends critical medicine and food to these children whose parents have died in the AIDS epidemic.

Help the cause by purchasing jewelry how appropriate right before Mother's Day. Give. It feels good.

For more information call Colorful Creations Bead Company at 525-2229 or visit