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Huntington Summer Camp

Unique summer camp is located in Huntington

Did you know, settled in rural Huntington, Massachusetts is perhaps the most unique summer camp in western Mass.? Did you know, that with over 25 years of experience teaching children about the outdoors, there is no need to look further than Wilderness Experiences Unlimited. Importantly, you will find friendly, knowledgeable staff that love the out of doors and helping children learn about adventure activities and the great outdoors.

"Nature has the power to open the hidden door to one's soul. Through the ages, it has left its lasting imprint upon those who have dared to explore its fantasy. As a young boy, I fell under nature's magical spell. Ever since, I've wanted to lead others into the wilderness so that they might discover the joy and sense of belonging that can stay in one's heart for a lifetime," says T. Scott Cook, the camp's director and founder.

"That's what Wilderness Experiences Unlimited Summer Camp is all about. It's the culmination of a lifelong dream to introduce young people to outdoor surroundings and activities that foster love and respect of the outdoors, and bond kindred spirits. It's a place where young people can begin their own personal journey to self-discovery and growth. When campers leave us at the end of each session, we hope that they take with them happy memories, a sense of accomplishment, and something more a lasting desire and willingness to explore all the possibilities," Cook continued.

With three programs to choose from there is something for everyone ages eight to 16.

The Day Camp program is geared towards new campers and those who simply prefer a day format. The Pathfinders Campers thrive in our small groups. They are encouraged to make friends, explore their surroundings and challenge themselves, all in a safe and well-supported environment.

The Explorers program is a five-day and four-night overnight camping experience for children ages nine to 14. Explorers is a camp-based resident program, ideal for intermediate and experienced campers. In our close-knit community, friendships flourish and every camper is an invaluable part of the "team." Explorers play together, work together, and learn together.

The Trailblazers program is geared towards our most experienced camper ages 12-16. The program brings together young people with similar outdoor interests, a zest for adventure, and love of the outdoors. While most groups remain stationed at Base Camp, we travel with campers to nearby sites that provide challenge and variety.

Enrolled is very limited and is filling fast. We do not want motivated young campers to be left behind because there is no room. Call the Wilderness Experiences Unlimited office today at 562-7431 for a brochure or go to