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Kids will eat up fun, facts in this Almanac just for them

Date: 10/5/2009

By Evan & Debbie Gardner

Nine-year-old and Mom/PRIME Editor

"Oh man, this is so cool!" my son, Evan, said as he grabbed the copy of the Old Farmer's Almanac' for Kids I'd tossed on the back seat of our car just before I picked him up from school.

For the rest of the ride home, I was treated to facts about twisters, the patterns of snowflakes, how long it takes styrofoam to decompose (never!), what kinds of things I could be afraid of (and the names of those fears) and the history of chocolate.

To say Evan loves compilations of facts would be an understatement.

This book was right up his alley.

And, apparently, he's not alone

"The last edition was a sellout," Old Farmer's Almanac editor Janice Stillman told me during a telephone interview about this third biannual edition of their Almanac created especially for children ages eight and up. "It has something for every age, narrative and facts. It's got good stories, good reading and good activities."

Chock full of four-color illustrations and arranged by topics such as astronomy, environment, weather, sports, amusements and useful things, my family can personally attest that this handy volume has plenty to keep kids and people of all ages interested.

My husband, John, borrowed the book from Evan for a quick look and was fascinated by the story of baseball pitcher Denton True (Cy) Young, who had the most wins, pitched the most innings and started and completed the most games in baseball history.

Personally,I find something new and interesting in this kid's version every time I pick it up (a fact that made it difficult to focus on this story!)

Paired with its cool, activity and fun fact-filled Web site,, the 192-page Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids, Volume 3, will have plenty to keep the kids busy and learning as the weather turns cold.

In fact, I predict you'll be getting the question about what you're afraid of, too.

The Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids ($9.95) is is available at bookstores and other places where The Old Farmer's Almanac is sold. You can also order copies online at