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Spring Time is Here!

By Maddie Fitzpatrick, Blueberry Hill School Stringer

Wow! Spring has finally arrived and the snow has almost melted away from the Blueberry Hill School grounds. Warmer, longer beautiful days provide the opportunity for lost of outdoor activities. The playing fields and playgrounds will swarm with children who have been suffering from cabin fever.

As flowers bloom, it is a great time to study plants in school. In fact, that is what Mrs. Anderson's first grade class plans to do! Planting seeds and learning how plans grow is on the agenda. "Hip, hip, hooray! Springtime is here!" cheered Mrs. Anderson. Springtime welcomes lots of new lessons into the classroom!

As the warmer air flows through Longmeadow, many kids will now ride their bikes to school. Although it might be fun to get fresh air, you always have to follow bike safety. Make sure that you always wear a helmet. Look both ways before you cross the street. Be sure to share the sidewalk with other bikers and walkers. And, finally, after the long winter rest, make sure your tires are properly filled with air.

Enjoy the excitement of Spring!