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Sylvan Dell Publishing awards educational resource grants

MT. PLEASANT, S.C. Children's book publisher Sylvan Dell has passionately pursued its mission of "bringing science and math to children through literature." Now, they are reaching out to schools and school districts nationwide with an unprecedented educational resource grant offer, and Massachusetts schools have already reaped the benefits.

The grant is for a free, one-year site license, providing unlimited access to all 35 Sylvan Dell eBooks, featuring flipviewer technology with selectable English and Spanish text and audio. The license can be used on all school computers and may be placed on secure school Web sites, enabling students and their families to log in and have access from their homes.

Grants will be awarded to one elementary school per district and are open to every district in the United States. To facilitate submission, individual schools may submit the grant application directly. When more than one school from a single district applies, Sylvan Dell will ask the district contact to make the selection.

An easy online grant application is available at:

The rapid response in Massachusetts has been impressive. So far, 25 schools in the state have been awarded the Sylvan Dell Publishing educational resource grant. Two of these schools are E.N. White School in Holyoke and Academy Hill in Springfield.

"Our special education teachers love using technology to teach students, and they have requested eBooks in the past but we have been unable to afford them," said one principal in Massachusetts. "They will use the eBooks daily with their kids and will be extremely grateful to have this grant for the year. We also offer Spanish to all our students, and our Spanish teacher is always looking for ways to make Spanish accessible to all students. She will be taking classes of kids to the computer lab weekly to use the eBooks."

Sylvan Dell picture books with science, math and nature themes excite children's imaginations through fun stories, vibrant artwork and a three- to five-page "For Creative Minds" educational section in the back of each book. But that is just the start...what really makes the books unique is their tremendous amount of free, online educational material available for cross-curricular learning including: 30 to 80 page Teaching Activities, Interactive Reading and Math Quizzes, and much more.

According to Sylvan Dell co-owner Lee German, "What we have created is a set of serious tools for teachers and parents to use to both entertain and teach their children. We don't want to be just another picture book publisher. We want to be loved for our products and our commitment to excellence, and we want to be part of the education solution."