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Ballot is set for upcoming School Committee race

By Paula Canning

Staff Writer

CHICOPEE Incumbent School Committee members Michael Pise and Ronald Chapdelaine will be challenged for their Wards 4 and 8 School Committee seats after last week's preliminary election.

In Ward 4, Pise will be challenged by Sandra Peret, and Sharon Nawrocki will challenge Chapdelaine for the Ward 8 seat.

Stephen Nembirwok was eliminated from the Ward 4 with 15 votes and Zachary Grzelak lost in Ward 8 with 30 votes.

After securing 75 percent of the vote for Ward 4 last week, Pise said he "was really happy and gratified that so many people thought I should go on for another term."

Pise decided to seek a 9th term on the School Committee because he feels "there are still a number of issues to address."

Among Pise's priorities are improving Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) scores, reducing class size, finding a use for the old Chicopee High School, as well as keeping a close eye on the construction of the new Chicopee Comprehensive High School.

"Construction of the new Chicopee Comp High School is very important to the district and I want to make sure that goes well," he said.

Also high on Pise's list is working to maintain consistency in the school's curriculums.

"I want to continue improving math and making sure our curriculum is consistent across the board," Pise said, adding that he wants the Committee's decisions to continue to reflect a "respect for taxpayers in the city of Chicopee."

Chapdelaine, who has served on the School Committee for the past 12 years, said he decided to seek another term because he enjoys both his work on the Committee and serving the constituents.

Chapdelaine's priority list is similar to Pise's, with improving MCAS scores, closely monitoring the Comp project, and improving continuity in the curriculum ranking high on his list.

"I'm looking forward to getting out and talking to people and continuing to hit the campaign trails," he said.