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Zoning Committee gives thumbs up to two new businesses

Date: 4/3/2015

CHICOPEE – The Zoning Committee of the City Council gave the green light to two new Chicopee businesses at its meeting on March 31.

The recommendations will now have to affirmed by the complete council.

The committee heard an application for a special permit form Petros Mirisis to establish at ice cream shop on the first floor of the former funeral home building at 456 Front St. The store would be seasonal, operating from May through September.

Mirisis is the owner of Petros restaurant also on Front Street.

Richard Asselin, an abutter to the property, came to the meeting with questions about how the new shop would affect his apartment building. He expressed concerns about parking of shop customers, the lighting of the new shop and the noise from “people milling around” outside picnic tables.

Mirisis said he would comply with any restriction placed on the special permit but noted the lighting was planned in such a way not to reach the apartment building. The building comes with 12 parking paces from its days as a funeral home, and the parking will not be changed or enlarged, he added.

He also addressed a rumor that was posed by Ronald Cooke presenting Holy Rosary Parish.?He said that the shop would be just an ice cream shop and would not be serving breakfast as some people believed.

The tentative hours for the shop would be from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Mirisis said.

The upstairs three-bedroom apartment of the building would be rented out, he added.

NG Chicopee Realty LLC applied for a special permit to re-open the bar at 1747 Westover Road. The establishment that had been doing business there, The Say When, had failed to renew its liquor license.

Committee Chair John Vieau noted there is $83.26 in outstanding personal property tax that must be paid.

Vieau also read reports from various city departments concerning the application. The Fire Department reminded the applicant an inspection from that department is necessary. The Health Department has yet to seek applications for various food permits and the Engineering Department questioned whether or not the right of way to the property is being used as a parking area.

The next step in the process will be for the applicant, Jack Ng, to appear before the License Commission.