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EL Democratic Town Committee hosts breakfast fundraiser

Lt. Gov. Tim Murray (left) speaks with supporters during the ELDTC fundraiser breakfast on Sept. 6. "The people here are very important to our campaign," Murray said. Reminder Publications photo by Courtney Llewellyn
By Courtney Llewellyn

Reminder Assistant Editor

EAST LONGMEADOW "These are exciting times to be a Democrat, and we welcome any citizen that wants to work alongside us to get involved," Michael Galvagni of the East Longmeadow Democratic Town Committee (ELDTC) said. "Our bylaws state in part, 'The purpose of (the ELDTC) shall be to promote the general welfare and success of the Democratic Party . and to stimulate the interest of the residents of East Longmeadow in governmental affairs and processes.'"

Residents' interests were stimulated last Saturday when the ELDTC hosted a breakfast fundraiser at Cafe Lebanon featuring guest speaker Lt. Gov. Tim Murray, which ELDTC chair Gary Delisle deemed a success. The funds raised at the event will most likely be used in a "get out the vote" effort, according to Galvagni.

In addition to approximately two dozen supporters, Democratic State Representative candidates Brian Ashe and Kateri Walsh were on site, glad-handing potential voters, as were Sen. Gale Candaras, Rep. Angelo Puppolo, Sen. Stephen Buoniconti, a representative from Sen. John Kerry's office, Candy Glazer of the Longmeadow Democratic Town Committee and other local officials.

"I think it's incredibly important we don't take anything for granted here in Massachusetts [with the upcoming election]," Murray told Reminder Publications. "We need dramatic change. Our party has always focused on families and individuals aiming for the American dream ... The Republicans are focused on the CEOs rather than the common people."

Murray referenced the need for change again in his speech to those assembled. "I was watching the RNC [Republican National Convention] and I thought I was in a time machine. The Republicans have failed us. Sen. McCain acknowledged that failure but is asking to continue with these policies, which have led to unemployment, a lack of investment, a war.

"We need to push back hard and make people pay attention. We need to stay disciplined and focused, like we did in 2006," he continued. "Whatever people can do will be appreciated."

Doing whatever they can is part of the grassroots goal of the ELDTC.

"Anyone with fresh ideas and a willingness to work will be greatly appreciated," Galvagni said. "Pardon the self promotion for a moment, but just a year and a half ago I was a resident of Texas. After moving to East Longmeadow I was warmly welcomed by all the members of the ELDTC. Shortly after joining I suggested we ask the Lt. Governor to speak before us. Before you knew it a subcommittee was formed and it all came together. It was a group effort ... So if there is someone reading this with different ideas on how to fight the good fight, you are welcome to join our ranks."

Both Murray and Galvagni shared their optimism for the Barack Obama/Joe Biden ticket in the upcoming general election.

"It's a very solid ticket," Murray stated. "They have energy, enthusiasm, experience and a vision."

"I am excited about Obama/Biden ticket. Economics are my hot button issues. In [the] broadest sense, Sen. Obama understands that government, while not the solution to all problems, can be a force for positive change," Galvagni added.

Anyone interested in joining the efforts of the ELDTC is asked to contact Galvagni at or by phone at 736-7019 or (469) 831-4790.

Cafe Lebanon hosted the breakfast