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Gorman speaks about Selectman seat

William "Billy" Gorman, an independent candidate, announces his candidacy for the position of Selectman for the town of East Longmeadow. Gorman states, "I look forward to the challenge of running for the selectman's seat and for the opportunity to participate in our town government at the selectmen's level. As a lifelong resident of East Longmeadow, I am committed to the Town of East Longmeadow and its citizens. My motivation to run for this seat is rooted in my fondness of the community that I call home and for a desire to improve the town's quality of life for its residents."

Gorman, who is married and the father of four children and grandfather of eight, served our country for three years in the 101st airborne, paratroops division of the United States Army. Outside of Gorman's honorable stint in the military, he has a noteworthy history of being part of the community of East Longmeadow. Gorman, a graduate from the first graduating class of East Longmeadow High School, has coached many of East Longmeadow's youth sports teams over the years. He was also past president of the East Longmeadow Taxpayers Association; and for the past three years, Gorman has been an active member of the East Longmeadow Personnel and Policy Committee.

Gorman's experience and knowledge in the East Longmeadow community sets the foundation for his commitment to participate in the community's government. Gorman says, "I believe that all town departments should be held accountable for their spending. Taxes are on the rise in the Town of East Longmeadow; and if this continues, East Longmeadow will not be an affordable place for people to live in. If I am elected to the Board of Selectmen, I will strive to keep this town an attractive and affordable place to live in. I will strive to make this town a place that we all are proud to live in and raise our families in. I do not have any further political ambitions outside of helping to improve the lives of East Longmeadow families as a member of the Board of Selectmen."

Gorman's professional experience promises to be an asset to East Longmeadow's Board of Selectmen, should he be elected. He was an employee of the NYNEX/Verizon for thirty-eight years. During the last six years of his employment with the telephone company, Gorman serviced as the business manager for Local 2324, IBEW Union, where he represented 1,250 workers in western Massachusetts. During those 6 years as business manager he:

Bargained multi million dollar contracts for NYNEX and Verizon employees while in Boston and Washington, D.C, which impacted the lives of workers and their families,

Bargained contracts for Lucent Technology in CT,

Bargained contracts for AT&T employees,

Worked with the management of NYNEX and Verizon,

Worked with lawyers in Boston regarding labor issues,

Worked with business managers in the states of MA, CT, VT, ME, NH and RI on health and safety issues, working conditions, policy making, arbitration cases, training and retraining programs, effect of technology changes on the workforce, wage treatment and education,

Worked with many legislators regarding labor issues,

Was on the committee for working families of Verizon,

Was the safety coordinator for the union and Verizon.

Gorman is a candidate with extensive experience in contractual negotiations, labor issues, safety management, policy initiatives, and advocacy at the federal and state level of government. Gorman's professional experience also notes his ability to be productive and astute in business. He holds a building construction supervisors license and was also the owner, president and developer of Woodbridge Estates, as well as the owner and president of Billy Gorman Construction and Tree Service Company. Currently, he is employed by R.E LaPlante Construction.

Over the years in his professional endeavors, Gorman has proven to be a man of integrity and accountability. He is a person who is committed to advancing the rights of others in his community. His actions have always been for the purpose of improving the lives of others. As a candidate for the selectman's race, Gorman, once again, will strive to improve the lives of others, the East Longmeadow citizens.