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Chevalier launches write-in, sticker campaign for City Council

Date: 10/11/2013

By G. Michael Dobbs

HOLYOKE – James Chevalier said the recent remarks caught by a live microphone by Ward 6 City Councilor Todd McGee is only part of his motivation to launch a write-in/sticker campaign.

In an email announcement to area media on Oct. 8, Chevalier said, “Ward 6 is where I grew up, delivered newspapers, and is where my wife and I have chosen to build our life. As City Councilor I would improve lines of communication, ensure voices of ward residents are heard and their needs are met. My number one priority would be to provide Ward 6 residents with respectful, responsive representation. I know that this is going to be a tough campaign, but every voter should have a choice, and now, more than ever, the people of Ward 6 deserve one.”

Chevalier is a graduate of the Holyoke public schools and the University of Vermont. He currently works as a web developer for Common Media Inc. in Greenfield.

Chevalier told Reminder Publications that this was his first run for public office.

“At this point the voters in Ward 6 need a choice, need an option,” he said.

He admitted he had been thinking of running for office “for a while,” and the controversy about McGee’s conversation with City Councilor Daniel Bresnahan played a part in his decision.

Chevalier said, “In Ward 6, the main concern is the voices are not being heard.” He used an example a resident who was making inquires about a speed bump on her street. Chevalier said she “went to great lengths” to reach McGee about the matter.

He added there are additional “quality of life concerns” including the status of education in Holyoke and public safety that are not exclusive to Ward 6.

Although registered as a Democrat, Chevalier said he considers himself “mostly independent.”

To acquaint himself with the recent actions of the council he has reading the minutes of council meetings.

He believes improving education in the city is a “top focus” for him and he approves the direction of encouraging a creative economy in the city.

His website is