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Adopt-a-Park available in Longmeadow

LONGMEADOW The Longmeadow Parks and Recreation Department has developed a new Adopt-a-Park and Island program to help keep Longmeadow looking beautiful. The primary purpose of this program is to promote partnerships between established community groups or businesses to assist the Parks and Recreation Department maintenance crew with routine maintenance, clean up, and/or beautification of parks, islands, turn-a-round, and open space areas creating a beautiful, clean environment for all to enjoy.

Through the use of volunteers, designated areas will be spruced up by removing litter and debris, controlling weeds, caring for plants, mulching around tees and plant areas, raking of leaves, identifying hazards, reporting vandalism or planting trees, shrubs, and other approved vegetation.

Interested groups, individuals and businesses can apply through the Longmeadow Parks and Recreation Department at 735 Longmeadow Street or go online for more info on the program, available adoption sites and an application at or call 565-4160.

The Adopt-a-Park and Island Program provides opportunities for groups to help improve and maintain town parks, trails, and open spaces. As a volunteer, you will have a unique opportunity to donate services to the community and enjoy the results of your efforts. Adopt-a-Park and Island program volunteers become stewards of public lands by working to improve park areas in a meaningful way for all to enjoy. Your group or business can help enhance and maintain our public lands through clean-up efforts, tree plantings, weeding, monitoring, wildlife, and other projects while assisting the Parks and Recreation Department in making tax dollars stretch farther. The economic benefit could also be seen with more people wanting to live or set up their business in this healthy and beautiful environment.

Your volunteer effort and involvement in our parks and town land increases public awareness of the importance of protecting our natural resources, generates pride in our park system and demonstrates your commitment to this community and the environment. The Adopt-a-Park and Island program brings a variety of organizations together with the Parks and Recreation Department to help maintain the appearance of public parks, islands, trails and open space. As a group or business, you can create a better environment for yourself and your neighbors.

What better feeling can one have than the feeling of knowing that they make a difference? You can make a difference in the aesthetics of your community, health of the environment and the sense of pride people have in our park system. Volunteering keeps you active and outdoors, gaining the many health benefits of an active lifestyle.