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Local girl's candy poem printed in Highlights

By Danielle Paine

Reminder Assistant Editor

LONGMEADOW - Just like her poem about bubble gum which was published in this month's Highlights magazine, Elaina Stamas, 7, is short and sweet.

"I was just thinking of a poem one day and my mom asked me if I wanted to put it in Highlights magazine," Elaina said of her accomplishment. "I said yes."

One and a half years after they submitted "Bubblegum," Elaina and her mother Penny got a letter saying it would be in this month. For the second grade student at Center School, it couldn't be more exciting.

"We just did it thinking that there is no harm in trying," Penny said.

Elaina has since written many poems, in school, but is considering sending one of her many doodles into the magazine next time.

Her poem, an ode to her favorite candy, is just six lines and graces page 26 of the magazine's March edition. Elaina and her sister, Christiana, 9, have been avid readers of the publication for four years.

"She loves bubble gum and she wrote that when they were just learning to blow bubbles," Penny said. "She was intrigued and had just started doing it."

Though she loves to write for fun, Elaina wants to grow up to be either an artist or a hairdresser.

"I like writing but after a while, like if I'm writing four pages, I get tired of it," Elaina said.

Bubble Gum

By Elaina Stamas

Bubble gum, bubble gum,

Good to eat.

Bubble gum, bubble gum,

It tastes so sweet.

But a bubble is trouble

When it pops in your face,

And then it loses its taste.

Reprinted with permission from Highlights for Children.