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Longmeadow elections results

By Natasha Clark

Reminder Assistant Editor

LONGMEADOW The results of Longmeadow's Annual Town Election are in: Kathleen Grady and Paul Santaniello, Select Board; Christine Swanson and Robert Aseltine, School Committee; Michael Kallock, Moderator; Walter Gunn, Planning Board; and Joseph Bouvier and Jeffrey Griem, Housing Authority.

Candidates seemed ready to start their positions when The Reminder chatted with a few of them, last week.

"I'm very excited and I'm looking forward to working with fellow committee members over the next year," Christine Swanson said, of her new School Committee colleagues.

Swanson said she ran for the seat because she "needed to take action.

"I have two small children and I want to ensure that they, as well as their friends, receive the level of education which we have come to expect," Swanson said. "I'm pleased that the residents of Longmeadow have entrusted me with this position and the future of our education process, and I'm looking forward to a lot of hard work and putting forth a strong effort."

Planning Board member Walter Gunn is looking at the year ahead of him as well.

Voters also turned out on June 6 to approve the enactment of a Community Preservation Act, which Gunn urged residents to accept at a Meet the Candidates event.

In Longmeadow, the funding source for these community preservation purposes will be a surcharge of one percent (roughly $10 a quarter for the average home) on the annual property tax assessed on real property together with annual distributions made by the state from a trust fund created by the Act.

Gunn said a revision of the town zoning bylaws is next on his agenda.

"It was partially funded at Town Meeting for FY07. We're moving forward on that," Gunn added.

Joseph Bouvier was also pleased to be on the Housing Authority. Even though the committee does not meet regularly, but on a per project basis, when they do meet they are responsible for monitoring the state laws regarding housing.