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Sewer construction could pose traffic problems

Date: 7/3/2013

By G. Michael Dobbs

SPRINGFIELD — Drivers around Springfield should know there could be some potential traffic issues this summer on Bradley Road and Allen Street and on Armory Street and should plan some alternative routes.

The Springfield Water and Sewer Commission (SWSC) has announced two sewer replacement projects that are projected to be completed in mid-August.

Robert Stoops, chief engineer of the SWSC, explained to Reminder Publications the Allen Street project is to replace a collapsed sewer pipe. He said the pipe, which is a concrete mix is about 50 to 70 years old, "fails in the presence of certain gases."

Because of the failure, the pipe must be replaced now. According to the announcement issued by the SWSC, "work will start along Bradley Road on July 1 and will continue to its intersection with Allen Street, then proceed a short distance toward Wachusett Street. It is expected that the entire construction process will take four weeks, plus or minus to complete."

Motorists should note that "left turns from Bradley Road onto Allen Street, and left turns from Allen Street onto Bradley Road will not be allowed during a majority of the construction period."

The cost of the project is $687,000, Stoops said.

Stoops explained that the work on Armory Street involves installing a new water main from Taylor to Genessee streets. He said what complicates that project is running the pipe under two railroad bridges.

There will be "shut down periods" for traffic, he added.

The planning for this project has taken "a long time because of the permitting process," Stoops noted.

Access to Albany Street from Armory Street will not be allowed and Armory Street may be closed completed in this section, according to the SWSC.

The Amory Street project has a price tag of $450,000.