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District receives report card

By Levon Kinney


WILBRAHAM Superintendent Dr. Paul Gagliarducci gave an update on the budget along with Financial Services Director Beth Regulbuto at the March 27 Hampden-Wilbraham Regional School Committee meeting.

"I have been talking to the schools' auditor," Gagliarducci said. "We are in good financial shape overall however, an over anticipated budget will leave us in the red."

Regulbuto discussed some of the positives and negatives.

"We have additional revenue from programs such as school choice and also transportation," Regulbuto said.

A projected increase in average insurance costs was lower than expected Regulbuto explained, but was still an increase.

The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) report cards have recently been issued and Assistant Superintendent Donna Scanlon explained how the district will use the information.

"Every district is required to take part and each school in the district is given a report card," Scanlon reported.

A summary of the previous two years MCAS results is used for accountability and subgroups are formed. According to Scanlon all of the schools and all of the subgroups had adequate progress.

Gagliarducci held a more skeptical view about NCLB.

"It is really great for schools to be held accountable," Gagliarducci said. "But in the long run I think it took away from what we should have been doing and now studies are showing that NCLB is not accomplishing what it was meant to."