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Bethany Assembly of God to host ‘A Promise to Astrid’ premiere

Date: 5/24/2019

AGAWAM – Agawam resident Michael Tourville first published his novel, “A Promise To Astrid,” in 2012. Since then, Tourville’s story of his Chicopee neighbor who helped he and his family in a time of need has been adapted into a motion picture. Along with the movie came an “official motion picture edition” of his book.

On June 2, Bethany Assembly of God will host a free premiere of “A Promise To Astrid.” The premiere will feature cast members and crew, picture opportunities and light refreshments. Books and DVDs will be available for purchase.

“A Promise To Astrid” tells the true story of Tourville’s experiences with his neighbor, Astrid Nicosia, who lived in Chicopee in the late 1980s. “Astrid was an amazing woman who decided to help our family in unexpected ways that defy any normal explanation,” Tourville told Reminder Publishing.

According to Tourville, his family was experiencing financial difficulties in 1986 after his wife was in a car accident. Astrid saw her neighbors struggling and offered to help. She visited the family and gave them an envelope containing $1,700. After another week, Astrid returned with $1,800 for the family. When Tourville attempted to pay the debt back, Astrid would not allow it. She requested that the family pay her back $1 per week and that they did not start repayment until six months from the date of their conversation, September 8. Astrid fell ill and passed away on March 8 the following year, six months to the day of their conversation.

The movie stars JoAnn Peterson as Astrid, Tom Peterson as Dominic, Luba Hansen as Cindy Tourville and Jeremy Gladen as Mike Tourville.

Dean Cain stars as Pastor Scott Seabury. Cain is known for his role as Clark Kent/Superman in the television series “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.” Scott Seabury is a retired local minister, formerly of St. Christopher’s Church in Chicopee. He is an active member of St. David’s Episcopal Church is Agawam.

The film adaptation is produced by Jason Campbell of JCFilms, a faith-based production company and is directed by Gary Lee Vincent. Filming took place in Bridgeport, West Virginia.

“The cast and crew were so great to work with and I’ve made a lot of new friends down in Bridgeport,” Tourville said.

Tourville, Campbell, Vincent, JoAnn and Tom Peterson and Hansen will be attending the premiere.

Tourville said it is strange to him to see “A Promise To Astrid” turn into a film. “It is still strange even after a year into the project. I get emotional watching it, especially re-living some of the events that took place 30 years ago,” Tourville said.

Tourville continued, “In the late 1980s, Cindy and our two young boys Billy and Nick were going through a tough time, and back then I could have never imagined those events being made into a movie.”

After being involved in several aspects of the filming process, Tourville told Reminder Publishing that he has respect for the movie business. “Last May, I met with the producer and since then I’ve been involved with all aspects: scripting, casting, filming and editing. Seeing it come to life is really special. I have a new respect for this movie business,” Tourville said.

Tourville continued, “My family was present during some of the filming last October and watched many scenes being filmed. The actors had a way of bringing out the emotional impact, take after take. They are really good at their jobs.”

As filming wrapped up, Tourville released a version of the book that includes the original “A Promise To Astrid” story with photos and cast and crew interviews.

Tourville said he hopes that audiences take away an important message from the film. “It’s a simple message, really, and certainly not a new one. It’s about paying attention to others’ needs and stepping up to help wherever you can. It’s kind of like the ‘pay it forward’ message, but it’s about listening, being attentive and finding ways to ease someone’s burdens. Small, kind gestures can make huge differences in people’s lives,” Tourville said.

Tourville continued, “As one person who was involved with the movie put it, ‘so many people’s lives have been impacted for good because of Astrid’s angelic example of loving and lifting those around her.’ Astrid often asked those she helped to make a promise of helping others in turn, whenever they can. So it’s become her lasting legacy.”

Bethany Assembly of God is located at 580 Main St. in Agawam. The premiere will begin at 5 p.m. and the film will be shown at 6 p.m.

The “A Promise To Astrid” novel is available for purchase on Amazon. The movie is available for purchase at