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Council Candidate sees youth recreation center as a priority

AGAWAM In an attempt to bring family recreation to Agawam, City Council candidate Michael DeFilippi recently stressed the importance of developing a Town Youth Recreational Facility.

DeFilippi recognizes a need for this facility.

"I believe that, if children

have somewhere constructive to go, their lives will be much better. They'll be away from negative influences, and have a safe place to play after school," DeFilippi said.

An important factor in making this happen would be securing a practical location. With the abundance of empty locations in town and the growing amount of town property, securing a location shouldn't be difficult.

DeFilippi promises he will do everything he can to make something happen for our children. "I won't make promises and not follow through. I will work extremely hard to make my vision a reality," he said.

The issue of funding will be an issue though. But DeFilippi is confident that the community, through his leadership, can find ways of generating funds through donations and business relationships.

DeFilippi also plans to investigate the possibility of using funds from the town's community preservation act.

DeFilippi, 20, is an avid believer in fitness. He is a competitive runner, lifts weights and plays basketball. He can identify with the needs of today's youth and the benefits of staying active.

"It's more important than ever we stress physical activity and interaction with other kids in a healthy environment," he said.

DeFilippi has heard parents complain for over a decade about their children having nowhere to go.

"As your city councilor, I will serve Agawam with integrity while satisfying the needs of our parents and children throughout the community," he said.