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Regional Chair calls for massive rebuilding of Republican Party

Date: 12/16/2008

By Katelyn Gendron

Reminder Assistant Editor

AGAWAM Recently selected Massachusetts Republican State Committee Region One Chair Robert Magovern is looking up a steep hill to the summit of progress.

Magovern told Reminder Publications that the recent presidential election has emphasized the decline of the Republican Party and the massive rebuilding efforts needed to put them back in the White House in four years.

"We're working hard to bring things back," he said. "The message has gotten lost because we're losing elections. We have lost as a party because we have not been able to connect with the majority of the voters."

Magovern explained that as Region One Chair he will work with the state committee and the chairs of the other four regions throughout the state to "sharpen" the Republican message.

Ron LaRiviere, chair of the Agawam Republican Town Committee, described Magovern as a guiding force for the party and attributed his appointment as Region One Chair to "his dedication and willingness to serve coupled with his commitment to the Republican Party."

"I think that this state is in totally disservice because we are such a one-party state," Magovern said. "[We need to] rebuild cities and towns by electing town mayors, city councilors and selectmen with Republican ideals."

LaRiviere said he will be working closely with Magovern to "select and promote candidates for elective office" during the upcoming election year. Magovern will also serve as a liaison between the state committee and the Agawam Republican Town Committee. He has been a member of the town committee for over 10 years.

"Bob understands, as do many Republicans, that the party is best served when it stands by traditional Republican values," LaRiviere said. "The 2008 election in Massachusetts was not favorable to Republicans but the party is not terminal. We will be rebuilding our party step by step in accordance with the traditional Republican values of limited government, low taxes, personal responsibility and adherence to conservative values. In addition, we will be looking at new leadership at the national, state and local levels. Bob believes, and I do as well, that when the party returns to its more conservative roots we will win elections."

Magovern explained that he and the state and town committees will also work to spread their message to those within underserved demographics.

"We have to get our message out to the minorities because we are a party that can help them the most and give them a better voice as to how to handle their concerns," he said.

Magovern added that he and other Republicans will continue to promote their ideals of stronger education and judicial systems, traditional values and accountability in order to solve the concerns of Americans on the local, state and national levels.