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Teens advise on the 'Giving Tree'

By Erin O'Connor

Staff Writer

AGAWAM A tree adorned with child-size purple, pink, and teal hats and gloves stood at the entrance of the youth library in Agawam for the month of December.

The tree was created and put together by members of the library's Teen Advisory Council.

The "Giving Tree" is a tree that is composed of hand-knitten hats and gloves and donated books.

The contents of the tree were picked up by employees of the Head Start program at 733 Main Street on Dec. 20.

Members of the community contributed 26 sets of hats and mittens and 80 books that were donated for children at the preschool level, ages three to five years old who attend the Head Start.

There will be 17 children that will benefit from the donations, Cynthia Sutter the Youth Services Librarian said to Reminder Publications.

"They [parents] have a little extra to put under the tree for the kids," Paula Vogel, Head Start assistant teacher said.

The Head Start program is available for parents who are income eligible.

The Teen Advisory Council is a group of teenagers that are in seventh grade and older. They decide what programs and activities will happen at the library. There are also Junior Volunteers who perform the hands-on work needed at the library. This includes setting up displays and other projects.

The Council meets on the first Thursday of every month at 7:15 p.m. at the library and new members are welcome at that time.

"They are an inclusive club but you must be willing to make a commitment to attend every month if you join," Sutter said.

In November the Council collected food and donated it to the Parish Cupboard.

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