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Birthers aren't racists

Date: 5/9/2011

It never ceases to amaze me that liberals almost always resort to ad hominems, such as "racists", instead of factually confronting an opposing political point of view.

I think it's because facts are not on their side and they are ruled by emotion rather than reason. This is illustrated in your specious aspersion of the so-called "birthers" as "racists."

How dare they criticized the man that liberals worship!

I guess you conveniently forgot that the loony left demanded that John McCain's birth certificate be made public, since he was born to a military family that was overseas at the time of his birth. He did. End of discussion.

The real question is why did it take Obama almost three years to produced a photoshopped version of his? If most of the media wasn't merely an arm of the Democratic party, Obama would have been properly vetted. Instead, we got Tom Brokaw opining on the eve of the election: "We really don't know much about this man, do we?" We do now, and 2012 can't come soon enough.

Don Crossman

East Longmeadow

Editor's note: Mr. Crossman and other interested readers might want to check out this 2008 article on the McCain birth certificate issue at

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