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City loses if Reilly leaves

Springfield will be the loser when Michael G. O'Reilly is forced to give up his post as the local head of the F.B.I. O'Reilly has done a remarkable job in investigating and prosecuting the dozens of blatant cases of public corruption that occurred in the Springfield area. It is harrowing to contemplate what Springfield would still be like had O'Reilly not been here. Through his incredible hard work and unrelenting search for truth he was able to bring these cases to a successful conclusion, and the taxpayers of Springfield owe him an enormous debt of gratitude. Even his reason for not going to Washington (choosing to stay with his family), is indicative of the kind of man he is. Let's fervently hope that his successor is even half the man that Michael G. O'Reilly has proven to be.

Richard C. Sprinthall