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Climate change is a socialist strategy

Date: 2/26/2015

Here are a few points you missed in your editorial on so called “global warming:”

We have gone over 18 years without any increase in warming.

We can only accurately predict the weather a few days in advance yet you want us to accept the same computer models prediction of weather 100 years out??

In the 1970s, the same alarmist told us that global cooling was the problem.

In fact, the period know as the “little ice age” only ended around 1895, the year conveniently picked as the “starting date” by the alarmists.

America has dramatically reduced carbon emissions since 1996, more than any other country, but since we can’t control the other 96 percent of humanity, we can not have any impact on  weather even if we wanted to. We can however, destroy our economy.

There has been a record of ice build up in the Arctic this year.

The IPCC, (U.N. panel on climate), stated that 2,500 “scientists” agree on man made warming, yet the actual working group has only 600 and most of those are activists with an agenda. Of those, only 63 did a review and of those, 55 were activists. Of those who were impartial, two disagreed with the findings.

In a study published by Cook in 2013, only .03 percent endorsed the theory that warming since 1950 was caused by man.

In a recent survey of meteorologists, the vast majority stated that there is “no convincing evidence that emissions will cause catastrophic warming.”

So, first it was global cooling and that proved wrong. Then it became global warming and that was wrong. Then it morphed to climate change and most recently, global climate disruption. Kind of like “heads, I win, tails you lose.”

It has all come down to a political strategy to subjugate free enterprise under statist regulations, leading us further down the path of socialism and loss of freedom. Now if we can only ban all firearms and outlaw profit, we will truly have the people’s paradise.
Don Crossman
East Longmeadow