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Democrats have done worse

Date: 5/9/2013

It's amazing! No one wants to bury Tamerlan (the Boston-bomber-Muslim-terrorist) on American soil because of his evil deeds. Without question, Democrats have done vastly more damage to America over the past six decades than Muslim terrorists have, yet we have no problem burying Democrats on American soil.

To replace the tens of thousands of alarmed voters who left the Democrat Party over the past 30 years, Democrat operatives have successfully "restocked" their

ranks by buying loyalty to the party through freebies like cell phones and food stamps.

What is more, there is a desperate drive by Democrats to register millions of illegal aliens to vote in our elections. If this is successful, America will have reached the point of no return.

The largest number of people to leave the Democrat Party in one mass exodus occurred in the summer of 1854 as a result of the Democrats unyielding pro-slavery leanings. The Great Society legislation designed to destroy the black family in America was created by and enacted in 1965 under the leadership Democrats. The Democrat Party's "masterpiece", however, was the legalizing of child sacrifice through abortion. Well over 53 million American casualties so far.

C'mon, folks, what's with all the put-on disgust about burying the Boston Bomber? "Double Layer Internment" would be appropriate: Bury Tamerlan on top of the casket of some former, prominent Democrat Senator.

William Santy