Dropping dental coverage is mistake

Date: 3/23/2010

Recently the media briefly mentioned that Gov. Deval Patrick is discontinuing dental coverage for all adult Mass. Health/Medicaid recipients in an effort to reduce costs. I think dropping dental coverage will cost taxpayers. I don't think the Governor has done his homework on the ramifications of this issue. It seems someone forgot to tell him about the many adults with physical and mental disabilities that will be affected.

His decision to allow children to receive dental benefits is honorable but his staff has not told him about the many seniors, disabled, mentally challenged and other adults who will end up in hospital emergency rooms because of lack of dental care. This fact will impact financially on hospitals and in the end cost taxpayers more than if the dental benefit was left as is.

History has shown that not allowing Mass Health/Medicaid patients dental care cost taxpayers more in the long run. I have called and written to my representatives and asked that this issue be dropped. I hope that other readers will do the same. More information on adult and adult with disabilities enrollment is available on the Internet.

James Dionne

West Springfield