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Experience needed in state Senate

Date: 10/17/2014

As we seriously contemplate whom to “hire” as our next State Senator, we should be mindful that 1) this is not an entry-level job and 2) the candidate with the most relevant professional qualifications will likely perform far better for our district.

While he appears an attractive candidate, Eric Lesser does not at this time possess sufficient professional qualifications to effectively represent The First Hampden-Hampshire District in Boston. Little is known about his beliefs on the sensitive subjects of taxes and local aid – and how he will approach these issues for our collective betterment. What is verifiable is his professional resume is notably thin and that he only recently reestablished residency in our district - in time to run for this office.

That a novice politician, running in our district has already received over $300,000 in campaign contributions is noteworthy, if not unusual. That most of these funds came from out of state is disturbing. Also disturbing is that approximately $250,000 of these contributions has already been spent, during the Democratic Primary. Such disproportionate spending in a primary election and the appearance of imprudent financial management raise additional questions relating directly to this candidate’s judgment and his ability to allocate funds wisely.

In contrast, Debra Boronski has shown herself to be a skilled professional and by all appropriate measurements, the far stronger candidate. Well-known and highly respected within the small business community, she is a proven leader who has founded multiple local Chambers of Commerce and presently serves as President of the Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce.  Previously, she has served as a member of the East Longmeadow Board of Selectmen. The maturity, judgment and perspective that Ms. Boronski displays are the results of experience, hard work and attention to the needs of others.  As our Senator, expect she will be fiscally responsible, pro-business, tuned-in to her constituency and driven to continually provide a high level of active representation.

If you believe our district deserves only the best representation, please support Debra Boronski with your vote on Nov. 4.

Chuck Arthur