From July 27

Trash bothers her, too

I read your story in The Herald and I do know how you feel about the trash people are leaving behind them.

I walk to work everyday. I live in Chicopee in a nice area. It's very early in the morning and I'm walking through trash from cars driving by. I would pick it up but I have to tell myself I can't be late for work. This is just what I want to do so my neighborhood would look better.

In Springfield there are a lot of homeless people and what a way to help them by giving them jobs cleaning up our environment to pay for shelter in the winter. Or, by increasing fines for the dumps when the plates are turned into the police station. This is God's world, we are just here for a short time. You would think people would care more abut it.

Hope you get this and people will do a little more to help in the world around us.

Pamela Knapik


P.S. This bothered me so much my granddaughter and I went out with trash bags and cleaned up on Saturday, my day off.